Pragnus Gray Collective

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The current music project I am working on is a full album called “Eleventh Hour Shine”, and the group is called “Pragnus Gray Collective.”  I called it a collective, because a lot of great artists contributed to this album in miraculous ways.

To listen to the music from “Eleventh Hour Shine” and other projects by Pragnus Gray, please listen to the click on the YouTube videos below.

Eleventh Hour Shine Preview

Bucket of Paint by Pragnus Gray Collective 

Coolyani by Pragnus Gray Collective

The Gospel of Longfellow by Pragnus Gray Collective

Marcel/Don’t Be Afraid by Pragnus Gray Collective

*This is an extended music video (experimental short film) called “Marcel’s Opus”, which features two songs from “Eleventh Hour Shine” and original Super 8 film shot in the mountains of California and the Mohave Desert.

Pragnus Gray on iTunes

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Pragnus Gray on SoundCloud

To hear other musical pieces, including songs from another upcoming release (“Eric Left Riverton”), please visit the PGC Soundcloud page at the following link:

Pragnus Gray Website

To learn more about Pragnus Gray Collective, please visit the website at the following link:

Image of Lyrics Page “Eleventh Hour Shine”

Information about Eleventh Hour Shine

Album Credits, Eleventh Hour Shine